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Rules & Regulations changes and/or additions 3/18/18

9. Rental Policy Violation – $100 (amended 10/14)


10. ATV, snowmobiles, dirt bike, scooters, minibike, motorized go-carts$200

(Amended 9/18/16)


11. Firearm Violation – $500 *NO WARNINGS GIVEN

              D.      Hunting and/or discharging of firearms within Sierra View are prohibited.

            D1)   Use of any device capable of launching a projectile with potential to cause property damage or physical injury to others within the boundaries of Sierra View - $500


12. Fireworks Violation – $ 100 *NO WARNINGS GIVEN


13. Use of prohibited lanterns (open flame) - $100

I.       Use of sky Lanterns, or Chinese Lanterns, or similar devices propelled by an open flame is prohibited.”       


14. Public Order and Decency – $100


15. Pet Violation – $100


               a)      Failure to produce valid dog license when requested by Code Enforcement – $100 per dog


16. Violation of rule 8G$200


17.  Running a Business - $500 *NO WARNINGS GIVEN

(Amended 3/18/18)


18. All Other Violations – $50



FINES DOUBLED for subsequent violations. A third repeat violation will result in Association Mandated Sanctions.  All escalating fine structures as written in the SVA Rules and Regulations will be for one year from the original incident.  Administrative costs will be added to all fines.