Frequently Asked Questions

Sierra View Association makes every effort to reduce the number of covenant infraction notices/maintenance reminders. 

Please review the following, as these are the most frequent infractions at Sierra View Association.  Reducing the number of infraction notices reduces the amount of money needed to produce and send them.

Question: What do I do if I see vehicles speeding, running stop signs, or violating any other traffic laws?

Answer: Call your local Police department. Provide them with the Make, Model, Color, and license plate number if possible. These matters cannot be resolved by the Board of Directors. They require law enforcement to issue a penalty for the infraction. 

Question: What do I do if I see people riding dirt bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Mini Bikes, or other unregistered vehicles through our development?

Answer:   First, call your local Police department.  It is illegal in Pennsylvania to drive an unregistered motor vehicle on public roads.  Provide as good a description of the offender(s) as possible: location, time, direction of vehicle, color of vehicle, color of clothing, helmets worn by riders, number of riders.  Take a photo if you can. 

Then, call the SVA office and report the violation. We may be able to send a Code Enforcement Officer out immediately to investigate.  

Question: Can speed bumps be installed in Sierra View to prevent Speeding? 

Answer:  No. The roads in Sierra View are township-owned.  The Association cannot install speed bumps on township roads. 

Question: What do I do if I notice that someone has garbage out for a long period of time? 

Answer: If the time they have the garbage out is longer than the time allotted in our Rules and Regulations, file a written complaint through the Sierra View office.  The complaint form is available on this website in the Document Center.