What are the Dues used for?

This is a question we get every year when our dues notices go out, so, we thought we would clarify some frequently asked questions.

When we moved into this development we signed our deeds knowing we have to pay dues. The biggest advantage to paying dues is that it protects our property values.

In our development we have rules and some of these rules include but are not limited to; no one can have a farm or livestock, junkyard, business, or a mobile home on their property, all of which bring down our property values. There are also rules in place regarding unsightly properties and unregistered vehicles, again, all of which will potentially lower the property values in our development. Our Code Enforcement Department is in place to ensure these rules and regulations are being adhered to, and will issue warnings and citations to those in violation.

There are also several things we do offer to our membership which include senior groups, recreation events and activities at the clubhouse, including our annual Halloween party and haunted house, New Year’s Eve party, and family game nights, dinners and classes, our pool, snack shack and swim team, a playground, basketball courts, and a volleyball court. Most developments charge more than Sierra View and get very little for their money!

We do offer these things to everyone but of course it is up to you if you take advantage of them. Even if you choose not to use these amenities, if some day in the future you choose to sell your home, it is a great selling point. The cost to a have pool of your own costs more per month than it costs for one year of dues.

The Office Staff at Sierra View Association handles all of the paperwork, newsletter, association website, our new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SierraViewAssoc/, and is a vast source of information for all homeowners, potential buyers and new owners.

This association runs everything, the office, the pool and the clubhouse and its amenities on a little more income than an average household runs its own bills on. I hope this puts things into perspective for everyone, but also, we invite you to come to the board meetings and ask any questions.

More Frequently Asked Questions...

Sierra View Association makes every effort to reduce the number of covenant infraction notices/maintenance reminders.

Please review the following, as these are the most frequent infractions at Sierra View Association. Reducing the number of infraction notices reduces the amount of money needed to produce and send them.

Question: What do I do if I see vehicles speeding, running stop signs, or violating any other traffic laws?

Answer: Call your local Police department. Provide them with the Make, Model, Color, and license plate number if possible. These matters cannot be resolved by the Board of Directors. They require law enforcement to issue a penalty for the infraction.

Question: What do I do if I see people riding dirt bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Mini Bikes, or other unregistered vehicles through our development?

Answer: First, call your local Police department. It is illegal in Pennsylvania to drive an unregistered motor vehicle on public roads. Provide as good a description of the offender(s) as possible: location, time, direction of vehicle, color of vehicle, color of clothing, helmets worn by riders, number of riders. Take a photo if you can.

Then, call the SVA office and report the violation. We may be able to send a Code Enforcement Officer out immediately to investigate.

Question: Can speed bumps be installed in Sierra View to prevent Speeding?

Answer: No. The roads in Sierra View are township-owned. The Association cannot install speed bumps on township roads.

Question: What do I do if I notice that someone has garbage out for a long period of time?

Answer: If the time they have the garbage out is longer than the time allotted in our Rules and Regulations, file a written complaint through the Sierra View office. The complaint form is available on this website in the Document Center.

General Reminder:

The Sierra View Association Bylaws is the document that guides the organization. It is a member-approved document that is binding upon all property owners in Sierra View (i.e., the member). Any amendment to the existing bylaws requires a vote by the membership.

The associations Rules and Regulations are also binding upon all Sierra View property owners. These rules have been established by the Sierra View Board of Directors, and support the associations bylaws. These rules are in effect to protect the interests of all members.

The Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations are available for download at the Document Center page. Please be sure you have the most recent documents.