Rental Property Reminder

Post date: Dec 13, 2019 5:16:34 PM

A reminder for all rental and Non-owner occupied property owners:

Regarding rental, and Non-owner occupied properties within Sierra View Association, in order to maintain our association records, it is required of the property owner to submit rental paperwork, lease agreements and tenant information on an annual basis, regardless if the lease is an auto-renewal, family member, or lease to own agreement. Please be aware that this is within the Sierra View Association Rules and Regulations, which stipulate compliance or disciplinary action may be taken.


1. Rentals

A. Vacation Rentals or day/short term rentals are strictly prohibited in Sierra View.

A fine of $500 per day shall be assessed to the property by its imposition against

the owner for each rental infraction. This is a Zero Tolerance Rule. (Adopted 6/14/21)

B. All lot owners shall notify, in writing, Sierra View Association upon rental of their house or garages or any other part of the lot. Late notifications will be subject to Association disciplinary action & sanctions including a fine. Each property rental shall require a completed registration form of information submitted to Sierra View Association. All new property rentals must be for a period of at least 45 consecutive days. All lot rentals shall be with a person of legal age in PA, whom shall be responsible for any minors thereat. Any minors in occupancy at the property shall only occur with the assent of their parents or legal guardians. A rental shall also mean to include any occupancy or possession of a property, or right thereto, by persons or any organizations other than the lot owners, & regardless whether some monetary consideration is given for the property occupancy or possession. The lot owners shall produce acceptable proof of the rental period, when requested by SVA. In the case of a sublease, the lot owners may have the lessors do so, but the owners remain ultimately responsible for such information compliance, as well as for any subleases & the activity/conduct of the sublease occupants.

Please submit the necessary documents annually as your rental agreement renews or when a new rental agreement takes effect.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Rules and Regulations in the Document Center on this website. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 570-646-4588.